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by Ping Nam

Two hours workshop from conditioning to alignment focus, help you to get over fear of handstand

Location : My Yoga Wan Chai Center

Time : 4 September 丨 5PM - 7Pm

Price : $500 / person

About Ping Nam

Introducing Hong Kong's own, the phenomenal contortionist and hand balancer - Ng Ping Nan. 

An avid calisthenics practitioner from an young age, getting some good results in competition Ping Nam shifted his focus to Circus Arts about 3 years ago pursuing the artistic outlet that it was providing to him.For the past 2 years he specialized in hand balancing under the guidance of Miguel Sant'ana. Always dedicated to the craft and pushing his limits to the next level, Ping Nam was able to achieve an incredible level of mastery in the art of balancing on the hands in such a short amount of time.

With a bright future in front of him we are proud to have him as our new hand balance teacher.

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